Waterbed Mattresses

Find the right waterbed mattress

More and more consumers are finding ways to enhance the comfort of their bedding, including waterbed mattresses. In addition to luxurious comfort, waterbeds are ideal for individuals with severe allergies or muscle pains. With their massage-like qualities and health benefits, waterbeds are regaining their popularity.

Buying Waterbed Mattresses

Waterbed mattresses are sold in either hardside or softside formats. Traditional hardside mattresses contain spacious water chambers supported by box-like bed frames. Softside waterbed mattresses outwardly resemble regular mattresses because their water chambers are surrounded by casings of foam and upholstery. They are also warmer, firmer and sold in standard bed sizes, making them more popular. While there are specific hardside mattresses for waterbed frames, softside mattresses can be paired with a standard metal bed frame if desired.

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Convenient improvements have been made upon classic waterbeds, which are known for their uncontrolled wave motion. Sleepers who require more firmness can purchase a waveless waterbed mattress, which uses a fiber filling to regulation the motion of the water. Both semi-waveless and ultra-waveless options are available. Other methods of reducing movement include dual chambers, which separate the water chamber into smaller compartments to limit water motion. Dual-chamber waterbed mattresses also prevent the movements of one person in the bed from disrupting another.

It is important to consider the price difference when deciding which mattress style you want. For a softside waterbed mattress, you should expect to pay between $600 and $3,000, depending on the size. For an entire hardside waterbed, including the mattress and the bed frame, it is possible to find units as cheap as $700. Luxury hydraulic models and those with special firmness ratings will be slightly more expensive.

Protecting Your Waterbed

Taking proper care of your waterbed mattress will ensure that it lasts for many years. The exterior of your waterbed can be protected by covering it with sheets and mattress pads. Waterbed sheets are offered in cotton, silk and cotton-flannel blends. For additional coverage, waterbed mattress pads can be placed over the mattress to protect it from spills, dirt and punctures. They also generate additional heat, so you can spend less energy on waterbed heaters. Some manufacturer warranties require that you purchase waterbed mattress covers if you want full coverage for your furniture.

If your hardside mattress does suffer irreparable damage, you won't have to worry about paying loads of cash to get an entirely new bed. You can buy a waterbed mattress insert with a traditional coil-spring core to fit into the hardside waterbed frame. You'll be able to use all of the sheets and mattress pads you already own instead of buying new items.