Memory Foam Mattresses

Personalize your bed with a memory foam mattress topper

The bedding you choose has a lot to do with whether or not you get a good night's sleep. Without rejuvenating sleep, fatigue will affect your performance throughout the day. Two of the most effective solutions available are memory foam mattress toppers and actual memory foam mattresses, which relieve damaging pressure on the body and leave you feeling well-rested in the morning.

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What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam was originally designed by NASA and later used medically to treat bedsores. It is a synthetic polyurethane foam that is chemically altered to increase its density. Its unique properties produce an exceptionally comfortable mattress. Memory foam is especially beneficial because it conforms to the shape of the body, provides the necessary spinal support for each individual's weight and becomes softer in response to the natural release of body heat.

Buying Memory Foam Bedding

Memory foam is used in products like mattress pads as well as reinforcement in other types of bedding. You should initially decide whether you want to invest in a new mattress or add a memory foam mattress cover to an existing one. If the mattress you currently own is adequate and you simply want to increase the softness, it might be better to save money and settle for a memory foam mattress pad.

When buying memory foam bedding, it is important to be aware of the drastic difference between the best memory foam mattresses and those of low quality. The effectiveness and price of the bedding is determined by factors such as density, thickness, firmness, temperature sensitivity and overall durability. High-performing mattresses and pads will typically have a density of at least 3 pounds, while 3 inches of foam should provide sufficient support.

Finding Quality Memory Foam

Since comfort is a matter of preference, it is always better to visit a mattress store when shopping for memory foam mattresses. You need to compare these mattresses in person to know whether the foam is so thick or sensitive that the bedding sinks when you lay on it.

Unfortunately, the popularity of memory foam has flooded the market with products that won't provide the support or durability you need. Unless you take initiative in finding out if the manufacturers you're considering are known for putting out high-quality products, you'll end up replacing your bedding too frequently.