Futon Mattresses

Find a mattress for your futon bed

When you have limited space or want to create a multi-functional room, incorporating a futon bed will allow you to accommodate your bedding needs while also leaving space to entertain guests. Whether you're shopping for a dorm, apartment or guest room, or just looking for a trendy new addition to your living room, a futon bed brings versatility into your life.

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Choosing a Futon Bed

Although futons were originally a Japanese invention, the updated American versions feature stylish and user-friendly designs comprised of a foldable mattress and futon frame. They typically are dual-purpose furnishings, doubling as both beds and sofas. When the futon frame contains a back rest and seat rack, it is considered "bi-fold," while a "tri-fold" model is more complex and rearranges to form a bed, recliner or chaise lounge. There are also bunk bed futons; these unique bunk beds are great for children's rooms. When looking specifically for replacement futon mattresses, remember to select the right format for the futon you own.

Modern futons are designed to suit a variety of tastes and living spaces, with sizes ranging from a simple twin to the enormous California king. Futon frames are commonly constructed from wood, metal or a blend of the two. Both materials offer quality and durability, but hardwood frames are more expensive.

When it comes to peaceful sleep, the quality of the futon mattress determines the level of comfort. Standard futon mattresses are filled with traditional cotton, polyester or cotton blends, while more expensive options include innersprings, memory foam and wool. However, the type of mattress you prefer may affect your choice of futon and vice versa, as stiffer materials don't always work well with tri-fold futons.

Purchasing a Futon Bed

Before shopping for a futon, consider how you intend to use it, your preferred size and design, and desired mattress quality. This will help you generate a realistic budget. For instance, if you'll be utilizing the bed feature infrequently and are more concerned about creating a unified living room, focus on closed, hardwood frames. Some models also offer convenient features such as mattress grippers and built-in storage.

Another important factor to consider is how easily the futon bed transitions and whether you'll need to leave considerable space between the futon and the wall. Lower-quality models may not have a simple lock, pivot or ratchet function, which will make transitioning a hassle if you use the bed daily.

While it is possible to buy a futon bed under $200, you'll get a better product if you enter the $400 to $2,000 price range. To cut costs, search for discount futon mattresses and frames separately, but stick to quality products that have been marked down. Buy 6 to 8 inch mattresses with cotton blends if you'd rather not pony up for the memory foam or luxury wool. A cheap futon mattress with low-quality construction and all-cotton filling will flatten out over time and lose its firmness, requiring a replacement more frequently. Every smart spending decision you make helps you to find a quality product that will last for years to come while reducing future expenses.

Decorating Your Futon Bed

The exciting part begins when you bring home your new furniture and let your inner designer go to work. Accessorize a futon bed with throw pillows and protect the mattress from spills with a stylish futon mattress cover. There are unlimited colors and prints to match your personal style, and if you're handy with a sewing machine, you can even make your own cover.