Gently sail to sleep on a water bed

Waterbeds aren't just a passing trend of the '70s era. Besides providing fun unconventional bedding, waterbeds have therapeutic qualities and are healthier for individuals with severe allergies.

Types of Waterbeds

Waterbeds have improved significantly since their invention and can easily be incorporated into the existing room decor. There are two types of waterbed styles and mattresses: hardside and softside. Hardside waterbeds are classically designed with a large mattress encased in a square frame. Similar to the original wooden frame waterbeds, hardside models have a fairly unstructured water chamber, therefore allowing for more disruptive wave movement during the night.

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Softside waterbeds are more commonly owned because the water chambers are encased within a supportive framework of foam and covered by upholstery resembling a traditional mattress. Softside waterbeds can be used with a regular bed frame, although it must be strong enough to support a heavy water mattress.

Since the desired firmness of any bed is a preference of the individual, modern waterbeds have been designed with that factor in mind. Softside models are naturally more firm, but both waterbed types can be given additional structure and rigidity by housing separate water chambers under individual sleepers or reducing motion across the surface. A special waterbeds stuffing made of fiber is used to reduce waves and is offered in semi-waveless or ultra-waveless varieties.

Accommodating a Waterbed

Nowadays, waterbeds usually have a built-in heater to control the temperature. Waterbed heaters are a particularly helpful feature for thermal therapeutics. The construction of a softside bed makes it naturally warmer than hardside units, but no matter which style you choose, you have the ability to adjust the temperature to suit your needs. However, remember that heating the bed will add another expense.

To accessorize, there are special waterbed sheets made from cotton, cotton-flannel or silk which are usually sold at local department stores. While softside mattresses are made in standard sizes, hardside beds are only manufactured in large sizes like California king beds and require oversized or custom sheet sets.

Only purchase a waterbed in person where you are able to test its effectiveness and discuss the advantages and disadvantages with a salesperson. Also, keep a repair patch kit on hand after you buy a waterbed to catch any leaks before they cause further damage. Although they are a more expensive investment than a traditional bed, if you care for your waterbed it can last longer than a standard mattress. If you're not afraid of thinking outside the box when it comes to bedding, buying a waterbed can be a great way to increase your comfort when you sleep.