Twin Beds

Save space with a twin bed

Twin size beds are ideal for those looking to maximize space. When toddlers are ready to leave their cribs behind, or nearly adult children go off to college and must share a room with two or three other roommates, twin beds are often the answer. Accessories for twins are also relatively inexpensive, so it is easy to obtain a variety of linens and bedding to match varying decor.

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Twin Bed Dimensions

The smallest size full length mattress is the twin, or single bed. These beds are most often chosen for children's rooms and smaller-than-average bedrooms. The twin is 39 inches wide and 75 inches long, giving an individual just over three feet of comfort space. They are considerably smaller than the next size up mattress, the full bed, by 15 inches.

In this case, small size lends itself to versatility by virtue of the trundle bed. When extra space is necessary, another twin bed may be pulled out from beneath the original to create more space for guests. A twin long bed provides the length necessary for most adults, as it is 5 inches longer. Always take the dimensions into account when purchasing linens and bedding.

Another plus for the twin bed is that two twins may be pushed together to create a king size bed. This may be helpful in guest rooms, depending on the number of people and their relationship to each other. The twin beds may also be used in a bunk bed situation for siblings or in a guest room. This optimizes space and may infuse a youthful feel to the bedroom.

Twin Bed Decor

Twin bed set linens are available in nearly every color and pattern imaginable. If the twin set appears not to have enough presence in the room, it is easy to inspire awe by purchasing a twin sleigh bed. These beds usually consist of both headboards and footboards, however some designs only come with headboards. The sleigh bed is curved, just as the name implies, and creates elegance within any room.

Sleigh beds may be simple – they can be painted white or other solid color, or they may have ornate carvings in rich, deep wood. There are many designs are available for all types of decor, including modern, traditional and country, or you can have one customized to suit the exact needs of the room.

Twin bedding may be purchased to reflect the style of the owner, no matter his or her age. Solids to prints, feminine to plaids, cartoons to rustic, there is something for everyone when selecting twin bedding.