Queen Beds

Snuggle up in a queen bed

Queen size beds are elegant in any bedroom. A wide assortment of frames and bedding allow the homeowner to create the perfect atmosphere, whether the queen bed set is located in the master bedroom, a child's room or guest bedroom. The homeowner may choose a queen bed frame in metal, wood or a tasteful mix of the two.

Queen Bed Decor

When striving to create the perfect look in any room, paying special attention to the accessories of a bed becomes important. Headboards complete a bed like a crown on a king. While choosing a headboard, keep the other objects in the room in mind. Are the bookcases, tables, moldings and dressers made of wood, metal or a combination of both? What type and color of wood or metal is used? Some people prefer streamlining materials by using the same type throughout an entire bedroom furniture set. Others prefer a more eccentric fusion of the two.

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Footboards define the queen size bed dimensions and give structure not only to the bed but to the entire room. The footboard generally matches the headboard, but this isn't completely necessary. Other options for footboards might be a cushion-topped chest, or a small bookcase.

The queen bed frame may be hidden from view or be completely in sight. Since bed frame designs vary, it's best to look at a few before making a choice. Many homeowners choose to save space by selecting frames with built-in drawers. This may raise the bed off the floor too much for some people, though it might be worth it given the extra storage you'll gain.

Queen Size Bed Dimensions

For most people, the size of a queen size bed is enough for one person or two. A traditional queen size bed is 60 inches (width) by 80 inches (length). Due to demand for a slightly larger size (but still smaller than a king size bed), the expanded queen bed was introduced to the market. Also known as the Olympic queen, this bed features 6 more inches of space, creating a total mattress size of 66 inches by 80 inches.

This new mattress size generally requires a little extra effort when searching for linens, however, the larger queen bedding size is becoming more readily available because of its growing popularity. Remember these dimensions when shopping for the queen bed skirt as well.

Queen beds, for many people, provide just the right amount of space for sleeping and/or snuggling. Whether choosing the traditional or expanded queen bed, a huge selection of comforters, duvets, pillowcases and bed skirts are available to match any existing decor.