Loft Beds

Live it up in a loft bed

Loft beds may be the perfect way to maximize space for an individual. These beds somewhat resemble bunk beds, except that loft beds are really made for one person, and beneath the top bed is a work area (typically a desk) instead of another bed.

Loft Bed Construction

Loft beds may be manufactured or built by the consumer, depending on the level of customization needed and budget desired. Cheap loft beds might be obtained by using loft bed plans, available widely on the Internet and through home improvement stores. These plans should be followed carefully to maintain safety standards.

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If building a loft bed for a college dorm, for example, it is best to check with the housing authority for any requirements that might be in place. Building a loft bed within the confines of a house is a different story, however, all necessary steps should still be taken for maximum safety.

Sporting simple lines and relatively lightweight construction, metal loft beds are the answer to any modern decor. Metal frames are sleeker and easier to place inside tighter areas than wood, and generally allow for greater ornamentation. For example, by spray-painting the metal, you can easily change the look and feel of the bed, which can help you accessorize with sheets, blankets and comforters.

Wood loft beds work best in more traditional spaces, and may be easier to repair than a metal set if resurrecting an older model. If looking for cheap loft beds, wooden ones might be easier to come by as they are often handed down from generation to generation, though these sets may be in need of modification and repair. You can sand down and refinish wood loft beds, to make them look entirely different than their original style.

Maximizing Space with a Loft Bed

By raising the sleeping quarters vertically, the space required for actual day-to-day living is increased. Many colleges will allow the family to build a loft bed for these reasons. College loft beds may turn a cramped dormitory into a productive, accessible area for the student. This also works in children's rooms. These days kids have so many items in their rooms, it can be hard to keep them all organized. Kids loft beds are the perfect solution to this problem.

Loft beds are also ideal for studio apartments and guest bedrooms. There are styles that incorporate a bed on top with a work area and chair situated beneath. This provides two distinct living areas in a very small space.