King Beds

Sleep like royalty in a king bed

King size beds are the largest beds commonly made; they are prized for allowing the maximum space for a couple to stretch out and relax. In the past decade or two, king size beds have become increasingly common in both residences, hotels and other lodgings.

King Size Bed Basics

King size bed dimensions are approximately 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. California king beds are slightly different at approximately 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. First, determine that you have the space in your bedroom for a bed that size, then start shopping. The mattress is an important investment – you will spend about one-third of each day on it – so be sure to test each one for comfort. Turn your body to all the positions you tend to sleep in to ensure that the mattress is comfortable in every position.

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The king size bed mattress is usually purchased with a box spring and a king bed frame; this is called a king bed set. Make sure that the frame has a sturdy center support bar; smaller beds such as twin beds or double beds can get away with a frame that traces the box spring in a rectangular shape, but the sheer size of a king size bed requires the center support to distribute the weight evenly.

Some king size beds include built-in headboards and footboards, which can be a stylish and dramatic part of the bedroom decor. Another feature in some king size beds is a built-in storage drawer beneath the bed, which is the perfect place to store extra linens and blankets.

King size bedding is available either as separate pieces or as a bedding set with a top sheet, bottom sheet and two king size pillow cases. When shopping, read the package labels carefully to determine whether you are purchasing bedding for a regular king size bed or a California king bed.

Where to Buy a King Size Bed

Bed and mattress stores carry a wide selection of king size bed mattresses, box springs and frames, as well as some decorative beds. General furniture stores carry beds, headboards and footboards, and some will also carry mattress sets. The Internet can be a good resource for educating yourself as to what beds are available, but take the time to visit an actual store to lie down on mattresses before purchasing a king size bed.