Kids Beds

Finding the right kids bed is child's play

A huge variety of kids beds exist today. Regardless of the space available, the options are nearly endless. Fitting multiple children in one bedroom is easy as pie, plus many bed ensembles include dressers, desks and beds all in one.

Kids Beds to Consider

These days, kids beds aren't just designed for sleeping – many are also built to serve as play areas in children's rooms. Bunk bed mattresses may be situated parallel or perpendicular according to add-ons such as slides, tents, stairs, computer desks, drawers and other features.

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Kids water beds have become more popular than ever, as researchers are discovering their therapeutic benefits. Asthmatic children and those suffering from chronic allergies find relief in waterbeds, as they do not contain the allergen absorbing fibers that regular mattresses do.

Turn the bedroom into a playroom with a kids bed tent. Colorful, cozy and fun, play tents create the perfect atmosphere for "camping out," reading and game playing without even leaving the room. These beds for kids are inexpensive and save space, plus they increase the functionality of the bed.

Kids storage beds may be as simple as drawers beneath the bed, or as extensive as drawers in and around the bed, for maximize space utility. Keeping everything within arm's reach is a huge benefit for the child (and ultimately the parent) as pickup is easy and fun. Styles include everything from light to dark wood and painted finishes.

Kids Bedding

Choosing the right bed must also be accompanied with choosing the right bedding. Kids tastes are always changing and the market reflects this variety. Age should be considered when choosing kids bed sheets. Children just out of the crib and not yet toilet-trained should have a waterproof mattress cover, and thread count quality should be considered before purchased, determined by the expected wear and tear.

Pillow shams, accent pillows and bed skirts tend to be thought of as more feminine and therefore best used in a girl's bedroom, however, many of these same items may be geared toward a boy's bedroom as well. These objects increase the comfort level of the bed and the room itself, and should not be overlooked as merely extraneous.

Outfitting a kids room does not just have to be a parent's task. Allowing the child to help in choosing their bedding will give them the opportunity to voice personal tastes and preferences, and will give them a special sense of satisfaction with their surroundings.