Top off your bed with the perfect headboard

A headboard provides a finished look to a bed, in addition to preventing pillows from slipping down between the bed and the wall. Bed headboards are an important part of the decor of a bedroom and can add a dramatic touch of style.

Types of Headboards

Headboards come in a variety of sizes; twin headboards, queen headboards and king headboards all fit their respective size beds. Some large king headboards are made in two pieces that are then placed together behind the bed.

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There are many styles and materials available for headboards. Many people like upholstered headboards for their softness; these headboards can be made with almost any fabric, as well as faux leather or suede. With such a wide array of fabrics to choose from, upholstered headboards can match any existing bedroom decor.

Some headboards are part of a larger bedroom unit with built-in shelves and drawers. Wood is the usual material for built-in bed/headboard systems, and can be painted or stained in many color choices. These headboards, sometimes called bookcase headboards, are an excellent choice when additional bedroom storage is needed.

Headboards are often part of a built-in decorative bed frame, which encompasses the mattress and box springs and becomes a decorating statement. An example of this type of furniture is the classic sleigh bed, which has a headboard as well as a footboard at the opposite end.

How to Buy a Headboard

A headboard can be purchased as part of a bedroom set or as a standalone piece of furniture. When purchasing a headboard for an existing bedroom, carefully measure the available space before shopping to ensure that the headboard you select will fit.

Furniture and bed retailers are excellent places to shop for headboards and footboards. In addition, antique stores carry beautiful vintage headboards, but usually not in king size beds, as historically, beds were smaller.

If you are handy with tools, consider making a simple upholstered headboard. Many home crafts books have instructions for making upholstered headboards, or you can easily locate those instructions on the Internet. The basic materials you will need are plywood, upholstery foam and batting and fabric, and the tools required are a saw and an electric drill. In just a few hours time, you could have a custom upholstered headboard!