Canopy Beds

Add elegance with a bed canopy

Furnishing a bedroom is an incredibly personal project that allows you to create a unique private space to retire away from daily frustrations. If you want an exciting focal point for your room, begin decorating with an elegant canopy bed to create a luxurious atmosphere. Canopy beds can add an air of sophistication to any bedroom, and with the right accessories you'll have your own private sanctuary in no time.

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A traditional canopy bed is framed by four posts joined by connecting bars at the top. The roof and sides can be closed off with a canopy bed cover and linens, or the posts can be draped with light, sheer fabrics for an open, airy feel. They can also be left uncovered if you prefer an open-air design. Before shopping for four poster canopy beds, be sure that you have enough space to accommodate it and decide how high you would like the posts to be. If the posts are too low for your height, they may make the bed feel claustrophobic instead of comfortable.

Types of Canopy Beds

Canopy beds were once exclusively owned by royalty and featured lavish designs with ornate carvings and embellishments. Nowadays, the same regality is mirrored in the contemporary metal and wood canopy beds found in many homes. Metal canopy beds are made from materials such as wrought iron, steel, brass and aluminum and usually include detailed craftwork, such as spiral patterns. Similarly, the bed posts can also have a more fanciful look; for example, instead of straight posts, they can be wavy with curled ends.

Wood canopy beds are usually simpler in appearance, with either a refined finish for a classic look or a more natural wood appearance that works well with contemporary decor. For a cozy, romantic space, you can find more expensive wood frames with carvings and gold embellishments. Metal bed frames are offered in a variety of colors (most commonly black, white and gray), while wooden frames come in various natural colors or can be painted.

Buying Canopy Beds

Sizes for canopy beds follow the standard bed sizes, ranging from twin beds to California king. However, certain sizes are known by multiple names, such as twin canopy beds, which are also called singles. While such beds used to be vastly more expensive, canopy beds are now much cheaper and are offered in various price ranges. Full size canopy beds are sold for as low as $350, though wood finishes and unconventional frame/post shapes can raise the price.

After you find a bed that works for you, it is easy to accessorize with canopy bed bedding from any local department store, website or custom linen manufacturer. Use heavier fabrics like velvet to increase warmth in cold climates or go sheer with mosquito netting if you live in a warm area. You can also buy several sets of linens and really personalize your canopy bed by rearranging your bedding whenever you need a change of scene.