Bunk Beds

A bunk bed offers two for one

The very idea of bunk beds evokes images of youth and summer camp. Nowadays, bunk beds are so much more than the simple metal or wood apparatus they used to be. But they aren't just for kids anymore; they offer not only a place to sleep, but in some cases they provide extra seating or a spare adult-sized mattress.

Bunk Bed Construction

Metal bunk beds are constructed to have clean, simple lines. They fit nicely into any contemporary bedroom decor. Some are coupled with wood to create a multi-faceted design able to mesh with any surroundings.

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For those looking to build their own bunk beds, free bunk bed plans are widely available. These plans detail all of the steps necessary toward constructing a bunk bed set. They also list all of the needed supplies such as plywood, drill sizes and paint. Bunk bed plans may include bookshelves, side desks or simply the mattress frames with accompanying ladder.

Bunk bed safety should always be considered when building a bunk bed from scratch. Manufactured bunk beds are required to adhere to specific safety regulations, whereas a home-built bunk bed will not. Proper supports under mattresses should always be installed to prevent injury.

Top and bottom mattresses may differ in both size and placement. No longer parallel twin beds, the modern day bunk bed set may feature a twin or double bed size mattress on the top or bottom, with the bottom mattress either parallel or perpendicular to the top. This allows for maximum space efficiency and optimal room aesthetics.

Bunk Bed Styles

The types of bunk beds available to the consumer vary greatly. Dependent on the situation, these beds may be simple, such as a pair of twin mattresses or elaborate, with an adult-sized mattress on top and a futon beneath, to maximize adult living space.

Kids bunk beds are geared for fun and playtime, with tent attachments and shelving if desired. They are constructed in wood or metal, or a combination of both and also range from simple to elaborate.

Futon bunk beds are an option for those looking to outfit a guest room or small space with something more than just a bed. These relatively cheap bunk beds provide daytime seating and then convert to a sleeping area at night. A futon mattress is slightly different from a regular mattress. Although they may be the same size – usually a full (or double) – a futon mattress is able to bend, allowing the conversion from couch to bed.