Bed Frames

The proper bed frame offers picture-perfect support

Bed frames can be simple supports for box springs that are hidden under the bed's dust ruffles, or they can be dramatic canopy bed frames with draped fabric. There are many choices in bed frames; explore the options to find the perfect bed frame for your bedroom.

Bed Frame Basics

A bed frame supports the mattress and box springs of a bed. Traditionally, they are simple metal bed frames on rollers that are hidden under the bed. Decorative bed frames, on the other hand, have exposed components such as headboards or footboards which add a decorative touch to the bedroom.

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A bed frame should be sturdy and have adequate strength to support the weight of the mattress and box springs. Queen bed frames and king bed frames come with a center support bar to add extra strength and to evenly distribute the bed component weight. For metal bed frames with exposed bed rails, plastic caps placed on the ends will prevent damage to walls and will also keep bedding from snagging. An adjustable bed frame is an excellent idea in situations where the size of the bed may change in the future, as in the case of a growing child's bed set.

Decorative bed frames are meant to be seen and include canopy and platform bed frames. These frames are made of attractive materials and come in a variety of styles. Wood bed frames can be traditional or modern in style; many wood bed frames include useful under-bed storage drawers, which come in handy for storing blankets or out-of-season clothing. Some platform bed frames are actually hinged to lift up and allow access to the entire space under the bed.

Iron bed frames and other metal frames can also be charmingly antique or strikingly modern in style. Consider how the frame will complement the other bedroom furniture when choosing its style, material and finish.

Where to Buy a Bed Frame

General furniture retailers and bed stores are excellent sources for bed frames. Be sure to measure your bedroom space before shopping so you know what will fit into your bedroom. Don't forget to allow space at the side of the bed if you wish to add a nightstand or bedside table.

For affordable bed frames, consider stores like IKEA that sell unassembled furniture at less expensive prices. Also peruse your local newspaper's classified ads, and check Craigslist for bargain bed frames.