Find your dream bed

Even the simplest beds consist of a mattress, box spring and a bed frame to raise it off the floor. More elegant beds also include a curtain, headboards and footboards made from materials including hardwood and sculpted metal. While the components of a bed are pretty simple, there are many ways to customize beds to improve the style of your room and the quality of your sleep.

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Bed Types

  • Sleigh beds. If you have a bed with curved headboards or footboards, then you own a sleigh bed. They draw their name from the curves that give the bed the appearance of a sled, and are typically made of heavy wood.
  • Sofa beds. Sofa beds look like ordinary couches, but double as guest beds. All you need to do is take off the cushions and unfold the mattress and frame to reveal the stored bed. These furnishings are alternately known as day beds.
  • Murphy beds. A Murphy bed is another name for a wall bed, which are also sometimes called fold-away beds. Murphy beds are hidden within closets or cabinets and fold outward. They easily collapse back into the closet or cabinet to free up space and are therefore ideal for bachelor apartments and tiny bedrooms.
  • Platform beds. A platform bed uses a wooden base rather than a box spring and bed frame to elevate the bed off the floor. The platform provides excellent mattress support. Some platform beds also feature storage drawers underneath the frame.
  • Adjustable bed. An adjustable bed can be set up to recline or elevate, and can be customized to provide heat or massage capabilities. These beds are great for those with back pain, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis and acid reflux. A basic form of the adjustable bed has been used in hospitals for decades. Today, many more adjustable beds are available on the market, and they're affordable for the average consumer. These beds are sometimes called electric beds because they rely on electricity for their adjustability.

The final element you'll need to make your bed comfy and cozy is the bedding itself. Choosing the right fabrics and colors when selecting pillows, sheets or quilts can help your bed really stand out as the focal point of your entire bedroom.