Teen Bedding

With teen bedding decorating is easy

Teenagers aren't children anymore, and they often begin to express a strong sense of self and style as they grow. An easy way to let them express their creativity is by allowing them to redecorate their bedroom by upgrading to teen bedding. If you focus on teen bedding, decorating becomes cheaper and easier, because the bedding becomes the central feature of the décor. This allows you to leave the rest of the room fairly plain, making it more versatile for later changes.

If you've got a slightly younger child already expressing interest in their surroundings, there's also a large variety of pre teen bedding that is durable and versatile enough to last years.

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Teen Girl Bedding

Teen girl bedding is often full of colors, patterns and beautifully coordinated sets, so your teen girl may spend a considerable amount of time putting together the perfect room. She may also want to spend a considerable amount of money, however. This is where discount teen bedding may come in handy — discontinued patterns or seasonal prints may be cheaper during certain parts of the year, allowing you to help your daughter customize her bedroom in style and for less! Help her choose one of the many teen bedspreads available, and then pick a color from the bedspread to coordinate the rest of the bedding with. Plain, solid-colored sheets and pillow cases tend to be cheaper and are more versatile than patterned ones. Plus, coordinating items is a fun activity that can help your teen girl express her creativity.

If your teen girl is less interested in designing her decor, a bedding set may be the easiest way to find interesting teen girl bedding without the time and effort.

Teen Boy Bedding

While your teen girl may be interested in coordinating her sheets and pillow cases and selecting a comforter to tie it all together, many teen boys will have a less keen interest in choosing their bedding items individually. Rather, they will likely be most interested in teen bedding sets, which allow them to choose a comforter they like and get the matching sheets and pillow cases with it.

Teen boy bedding tends to be darker and more neutral in its color choices. Patterns tend to be simple, such as stripes or plaid. There is also a variety of licensed bedding available, bearing the colors and emblems of various sports teams. Often, as with teen girl bedding, it's cheaper and easier to buy a licensed comforter individually and then look for discount sheet sets in a plain, solid color that matches.

The most important thing when purchasing teen bedding is that you let your teen make the choice. This is their time to assert their individuality and begin making their own choices, and providing them the freedom to put their personal stamp on their bedroom is a fairly easy, safe way to help them do so.