Snuggle up in comfy bed sheets

A nice set of bed sheets is one of the most recognized luxuries in the world. Smooth, freshly washed sheets can dress up any bed and make it a welcoming nightly retreat — especially considering the average person spends almost a third of their time in bed!

Buying Sheet Sets

Bed sheets come in a variety of different colors, patterns and materials, so they can match virtually any bedroom decor or bed set. A sheet set consists of at least a top or flat sheet and a bottom or fitted sheet, but often, you can get pillow cases in your sheet sets, as well, to make sure everything matches perfectly.

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The best way to judge the quality of sheets is thread count. This is the number of both horizontal and vertical threads found in 1 square inch of fabric and typically, the higher the count, the smoother the actual sheets.

When purchasing sheet sets, the most important thing is to ensure that they are the proper size for your bed. Not only do sheets comes in different sizes (twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king), but fitted sheets also come in different depths to accommodate everything from standard (7 to 12 inches deep) to luxury pillow top mattresses (more than 17 inches deep).

Types of Sheets

There are several choices when it comes to sheet materials, from warm flannel sheets to cool satin sheets, and from luxurious silk sheets to the smoothest Egyptian cotton sheets. Silk is a natural fiber that is considered one of the smoothest materials for sheets, but Egyptian cotton can rival it for smoothness and is known for its lush feel and drape. Of course, regular cotton sheets are also a popular, more economical choice.

Most sheet fabrics are also available in three different weaves: precale, sateen and jacquard. Precale feels smooth and crisp, while sateen is a shiny, silky weave. Jacquard is a heavier, patterned weave also known as damask or brocade.

If you have a water bed, or for children who sometimes wet the bed, rubber sheets or covers provide a waterproof alternative to regular sheets and help protect your mattress.

All sheets need regular care to stay in good shape — wash them regularly, about once a week, and avoid using bleach, even on white fabrics. You should also rotate your sheets so they wear evenly.