Rest your head on the right pillow

Pillows are a part of every bed set, but many people are sleeping on old or flat pillows. It's time to put some research into the object you probably spend the most amount of time on. Finding the right bed pillows is essential to getting a restful sleep. Pillows can also relieve neck or back pain and allergies, depending on the type of pillow you choose.

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Types of Pillows

There are many different types of pillows to consider when looking for the perfect pillow. Memory foam has been gaining popularity lately as a remedy for headaches. Because memory foam pillows were originally developed by NASA scientists to absorb pressure and contour to the shape of the neck and head, they're constantly shifting and molding for individual comfort. Memory foam pillows have similar benefits to a full foam mattress, including absorbing heat and evenly distributing weight for a more comfortable night's rest.

Down and feather pillows have widely been considered the standard in luxury and comfort for bedding. Down pillows are often found in five-star hotels and upscale homes. Goose down makes for the softest feather pillows available and boasts excellent thermal insulation and firmness for proper support while sleeping.

Body pillows are full-length pillows that help to give overall comfort when resting or sleeping. Body pillows can be used in any of the four basic sleep positions and are designed to give you even support for your knees, back, neck and head, promoting proper alignment in your spine and helping to relieve backaches, neck aches, headaches, arthritis and especially the discomfort of pregnancy.

Pillow Sets

No matter what the fill or size of your pillows, you can usually purchase a pillow set, which will save you money over buying each pillow individually. This is especially helpful if you or your house guests enjoy snuggling up with multiple pillows at night.

When purchasing a new pillow set, check what size pillows your current bed set accommodates. King-size pillow cases will look a little empty if you put standard-size pillows inside. You'll want to use the right size pillow for a fuller, more comfortable feeling when resting, as well as a better display for guests.

For a truly beautiful bedroom display, complete your bed set with pillow shams that will complement the rest of your bedding. These decorative pillows allow you to customize and brighten up your room with your unique style.