Duvet Covers

Change your duvet cover for a fresh new look

Duvets are large, insulated blankets usually stuffed with down and feathers. Washing a duvet will flatten it over time, making duvet covers the best investment you can make to keep your duvet feeling as luxuriously soft and warm as the day you bought it. Duvet covers help you protect your duvet from wear and stains and allow you to customize your bed. A large variety of colors, prints and materials can help you create the bedroom you only dreamed about.

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Duvet Sets

Duvet covers are available in a number of standard sizes, and the easiest way to purchase a new duvet and cover is as part of a duvet set. Duvet sets usually come with a duvet cover and pillow shams. Sometimes, you can obtain discount duvet covers by purchasing them as part of a set; this allows you to both save money and have beautifully coordinated bedding. This makes it even more affordable to freshen up your bedroom every once in a while — just buy a new set and you're ready for spring, summer, fall or winter.

Like blankets and other bedding materials, duvets and their covers can vary in size depending on the manufacturer. However, you should be able to go by these estimated sizes when purchasing a duvet cover for your bed:

  • A king duvet cover is typically around 104 x 88 inches.
  • A queen duvet cover is usually 88 x 88 inches. This is generally the same as a full duvet.
  • A twin duvet cover is about 68 x 88 inches.

Many manufacturers also offer what they call an oversized duvet cover, which is supposedly designed for extra comfort but which could end up swallowing your actual duvet. For the best look, opt for a cover that is just slightly bigger than the actual duvet — enough so that the duvet slides in easily, but not so much that it can slide around and bunch up inside.

Duvet Cover Materials

You don't want to overpower the natural insulation of the feathers and down in your actual duvet, so buying duvet covers made of cotton and other natural fabrics is your best bet. These allow your duvet to breathe and lessen the chances that you'll get either too hot or too cold underneath it. For those who want to add a touch of glamour to their bedroom, a silk duvet cover is a nice compromise between luxury and comfort.

If, however, you'd prefer high fashion over optimum comfort, duvet covers are available in a number of different materials to help you achieve the bedroom decorating scheme you're striving for. For instance, a denim duvet cover adds a certain casual cool to a teen's bedroom, while a velvet duvet cover adds a touch of opulence to a master or guest bedroom. Keep in mind, however, that while snuggling under velvet might be extremely cozy in the winter, it's likely to be too hot in summer, so you will probably have to switch your duvet cover for a lighter, more breathable material when the season changes.