Keep warm with bedding blankets

The blanket is the iconic symbol of comfort — and why not? They're one of the most recognizable sources of warmth and comfort imaginable. And there's an assortment of different blankets to choose from, no matter what you're looking for or the style of your home. From bedding blankets to throw blankets to warming blankets, you're to find what you need to stay comfy and cozy.

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Bedding Blankets

Bedding blankets can range from a full comforter to a thin blanket between the sheet and the comforter, like you find in hotels. Often, bedding blankets are sold as part of a bedding set, which includes a blanket, pillow shams and a bed skirt, but you can also buy them separately for a more customized look or feel.

Down blankets, like down comforters and pillows, are made of a natural fill known for its softness and insulation. They are breathable, drawing heat away from your body but keeping the outside cold air out, so it's hard to get too hot or too cold underneath a down blanket. This versatility makes down a good choice in both the summer and the winter.

Chenille blankets are often used for layering with a bedspread or as baby blankets because they are soft and light.

Warming Blankets

Electric blankets can prevent that uncomfortable feeling of first slipping into bed on a winter night with cold sheets and covers. Just turn on that electric blanket about 30 seconds beforehand, and instead, you'll be slipping between soft, warm sheets and covers. Most electric blankets have adjustable thermostats, allowing you to customize your comfort.

Fleece blankets, made from acrylic fibers, are also soft and warm. They are typically less expensive than electric blankets and provide added warmth atop traditional bedding. Wool blankets are the natural alternative to fleece.

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are as much for decoration as they are for warmth. They can be found on sofas, on chairs or at the foot of the bed for a convenient blanket right where you need it. They are typically available in a wide range of colors, textures, patterns and materials and often include licensed versions such as sports teams or cartoon characters. Typically, throw blankets are smaller than bedding blankets and may include decorative edges like tassels or scalloping.