Baby Bedding

Put baby to bed on the best crib bedding

Your baby is special and deserves a beautiful, comfortable and safe place to sleep. That's why specialty baby bedding is essential when you're planning for your baby's arrival — you want your bundle of joy to be safe and comfortable from day one. And it's even better if the bedding is as beautiful and welcoming as the baby's room itself.

Nursery Bedding

When choosing nursery bedding, consider what you'll want baby to sleep in most of the time. Most newborn babies start in bassinets and cradles because there are fewer safety issues than with cribs. The smaller structure gives them more comfort than a wide-open space, and these beds are more portable, making it easier for mommy and daddy to keep watch.

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While some baby bedding sets may include pillows, quilts and stuffed animals, these items should be considered purely decorative until baby is at least a year old. When putting baby to bed, clear out any nonessential items from the bed. Only a mattress, optional mattress pad, fitted crib bed sheet and light blanket should remain. Put the baby in the bed on his or her back. If you can, tuck the blanket around the bottom of the mattress so that the blanket only goes up to baby's chest and can't be pulled out of place easily. This will help prevent most bedding accidents.

Babies sleep a lot, and to keep your baby healthy and comfortable, you're going to have to change the bedding fairly frequently. This means you're going to need several sets of sheets and blankets. To save money without sacrificing style, look for discount baby bedding in primary or neutral colors that can be mixed and matched.

Crib Bedding

Once your baby graduates to a crib, make sure you're doing everything you can to ensure baby's safety. Your baby still shouldn't sleep with a pillow and should only sleep with a light blanket. You may want to consider crib bumpers, especially when your child becomes active, to prevent your baby from bumping his or her head on the hard sides of the crib.

Buying a crib bedding set makes decorating your child's nursery much easier, with coordinating crib sheets, blankets and, in some cases, toys. Some bedding sets will also include a crib bed skirt, which should be safe to put up on your child's crib as long as you follow the manufacturer's instructions.